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    • Date : 24 September, 2020


    Data is key to any business, it’s what Flowte is built around. It’s important to know what is happening on the ground to see if your efforts are making an impact and an important element of that is Access Control. Apart from the obvious security element, it gives you key metrics on who actually came to the event, when they arrived (or left), if you have any problems in terms of staff requirements on the night and so much more. This is true for small venues right up to the biggest.

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    Often there are concerns:

    • Speed
    • Cost
    • Need for additional staff
    • Difficult to use

    The ways to handle access control are very much based on your own needs and the venue you’re using but for now, we will do a broad example that should give you ideas.


    Often times, small venues don’t take the time to review access control as it isn’t seen as a needed element within their location. The security need is minor in a venue of this size and so it is often handled by one person on the door if at all. However, it can’t be underestimated the impact of the analytical data for a venue of this size. Often there is a lot more competition for your customers and the budget for marketing tends to be low. To this end, the more information you have, the bigger impact you can make on your marketing efforts and make strong connections with your customers. Flowte provides its free custom iPhone application for access control to keep the price at zero so all you will require is a smartphone. We also have a built-in access control system which can use a simple USB scanner on a computer which we will discuss later. It’s also a great way to interact with your customers as each scan will tell the operator key information about the customer so they can welcome them the way your customers deserve to be welcomed. It will add to the experience for your customer and of course, this sets you apart from the rest. It is worth testing this approach for a few events so you can see the real impact.

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    You might say that you understand the need for access control from a security perspective when it comes to checking tickets and maybe you see the basic details that scanning can give. But your concern is that the cost of doing it will be more than that is worth. Flowte is built with the analytics in mind so all access control is free out of the box. Health and safety are also very important as this can be reviewed easily within Flowte’s Access Control Dashboard which will give you all the information you could need. At this level, you may also have special offers and deals which give people access to additional features e.g. VIP section or complimentary drinks which you can effortlessly monitor with our multi-scan rules built into the system. You can also set up a kiosk to take on the heavy lifting.



    Security is non-negotiable and ticket lines can stretch around the corner while you check each for valid details. Maybe you already have a scanning solution and use it regularly. The biggest impact beyond taking the additional cost of another system

    out of your expenses is the complete integration of your ticket sales system and your scanning solution. You can make use of handheld scanners for quick easy access and the ability to quickly place the right number of operators to deal with peaks in incoming ticket holders. This can all be monitored by the Access Control Dashboard and will give you live scanning data to make sure everything moves smoothly. You can segment your ticket holders by entrance and redirect them if they arrive to the wrong one quickly to avoid blockages. A standalone scanning solution is also a great way to make sure the ticket holders get through efficiently. If security is key though, a turnstile solution might be the best approach and can be achieved all within the system. Make sure you make the right choice with your access control, Flowte provides exactly what you need to make it all move smoothly.




    This can be one of the biggest concerns and often used as an excuse to not use access control. This makes perfect sense as a small delay can cause lines to form and cause frustration with customers. However, based on extensive testing the right access control solution can, in fact, speed up the entry for your customers by reducing the need for staff to review the tickets themselves and avoid errors in terms of incorrect entrances or seat sections. Flowte has built it’s system to make sure it is quicker than any other solution out there.


    Access control is many things, the cost depends on your needs. Larger venues will often spend more to deal with the need for security and regulations where smaller venues may not feel they have that luxury. Systems don’t have to cost as much as they once did. With significant improvements to everyday technology, it is now possible to do access control with minimal infrastructure using tools you already have within your venue. Flowte has made sure that access control is completely free to use in

    whatever way you intend to utilise it. Our custom access control application is completely free (GET IT HERE NOW) and can run on a standard smartphone. This allows for it to be used on a mobile network as well as wifi which means you can easily move the scanner to where it will have the biggest impact.


    Handheld scanning can lead to the need for more staff, with a USB scanner plugged into a computer or laptop you can have another simple solution. Just scan the Flowte barcode and the system will do the rest. No setup of Flowte is required as it’s ready to use. Set up a location for your ticket holders to scan their own tickets and you can see (and hear) the results in real time.


    This can be a concern for staff who might not have used access control before or having used access control in the past with solutions which didn’t suit their needs. Access control in Flowte has been designed to be as simple as possible. The application is as easy as taking a photo with your smartphone, the result is very clear with a sound to make sure there is no confusion. The desktop solution is the same, plug in your 3D scanner to scan the QR barcodes on the tickets. The system will recognise the barcode and give you a simple to read response so you can focus on getting your customers in quickly and effortlessly.



    Access control doesn’t need to be difficult and with Flowte it is simple and ready for you to gain huge benefit from right now. Try it for yourself and you will see the gain right away. If you have any questions about how to best set it up for your venue, you can contact us now and we’re happy to help!