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    Flowte helps companies grow customer spend, order frequency & attract new customers

    The smart platform for any business

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      The Economics of Engagement

      Spend Per Customer

      Spend Per Customer

      Companies need to maximise the revenue from every customer they engage. Flowte helps growing spend per customer by tracking all spending accross every sales channel and every location

      Customer Frequency

      Customer Frequency

      Growing frequency of engagement requires more than acquiring "new" customers. Once companies increase spend per customer, to increase revenues further, they must focus on purchase frequency.

      New Customers

      New Customers

      Flowte clients attract more new first time customers. They do this by improving the customer experience. Flowte redefines the customer experience by making every interaction exceptional.

      Customer Engagement Platform

      A customer engagement platform that delivers insights from your data. Grow revenue, engage, and optimize your business with Flowte's Customer Engagement Platform

      Reach out to people at the right moment and engage them across every channel. Flowte helps companies of all sizes improve the customer experience the smarter way

      Automate routine & advanced marketing tasks. Popular workflows include email marketing, behavioural targeting, lead prioritization, & personalized advertising.

      Everywhere, at scale…from a single platform. Flowte helps you plan marketing activities, attract the right customers & engage them over time in a personalised way !

      Keep your customers at the centre of all your marketing. Flowte Marketing seamlessly drives engagement with people no matter where they are.

      Build & automate customer email campaigns. Use Flowte's intuitive workflow & template designer to send & manage all your mass email campaign needs. Send Newsletters, drip campaigns & time-based messages

      Flowte's complete 360-degree view of your customers helps you monitor the health of the relationship with every customer easily.

      Automatically tag & segment your contacts using smart lists. Easily manage tasks, meetings, events and files for every customer.

      Manage & automate your social media communications with Flowte. Engage your customers on every social channel & automate smart social updates to drive revenue and engagement

      Manage every part of your stadium from the car park to VIP Hospitality. Build custom journeys through retail & food concessions. Import your data from any 3rd party system.

      Flowte's CRM & Deal Management module helps you grow sponsorship, concessions & customer revenue. Manage stadium concessions efficiently with custom quotations & invoices for sponsorships, room booking, advertising boards etc.

      Assign Deals to salespeople and manage deals on Flowte's Kanban board. Improve deal close rates with electronic signature of quotes and customisable invoice and quotation templates

      Unified Payments Platform

      Replace your merchant bank, payment gateway or fintech provider with our All-in-One Payment Platform.

      Grow your business, go global, and boost conversions in other countries by giving your customers their choice of payment options.

      Level 1 PCI compliance. Flowte Payments meets the highest industry standards and guidelines.

      Create a customised checkout experience that works across browsers and devices of all sizes. Benefit from flexibility, customisation, and ease of use

      See all charges across different payment types, countries, and currencies in the Flowte Payments Dashboard or extract the data directly from the API.

      Grow your business globally with customizable billing plans, automated payment management, and global optimization practices.

      E-Commerce Platform

      360-degree solutions for E-Commerce

      Run your retail stores with Flowte’s E-Commerce & Point of Sale module.Easy payments.

      Our POS handles: inventory management, e-commerce & customer loyalty. See live stock levels, bundle products, services & events.

      The one POS system for retail success, from 1 store to 100+. Easily manage your products, from one SKU to thousands.

      Capture new customer data and associate sales with clients. Take advantage of Marketing preference capture.

      Manage stadium concessions
      Manage consession contacts
      Prioritise high value locations
      Hospitality & group sales
      Point of sale
      Add products, services and events
      Apply taxes
      Add descriptions
      Unlimited product variants
      Product organisation
      Centralised product catalog
      Product Inventory

      Analytics Platform

      Dashboards & Reports

      • Identify trends with dashboards
      • Custom reports for changing analytic needs
      • Streamline, save & share custom reports
      • Agency & allocation reporting
      • Return on investment reporting
      • Scheduled & Automated Reports
      • Standard Reports | Brilliant out of the box!
      • Report distribtution email lists
      • Attendence Frequency & Recency
      • Month on month & year on year trends


      The only 360 degree smart stadium solution

      • Cloud based solution | Sell tickets anywhere
      • Simple-to-use | Minimal training required
      • Sell single, season tickets & merchandise
      • SeatMaps & SeatViews | Pick your own seat
      • Regular & Express sales keep lines moving
      • Group sales, reservations & exchanges
      • Unlimited Users | Automatic Patron Tagging
      • Automated pre & post match emails
      • Commisions and fees | Custom Payment Types
      • Customer Questionnaires & Timelines
      • Deposits and Reservations
      • Invoice Documents
      • Amplify your online sales
      • Social media integration | Engage & sell!
      • Website box office open 24 hours a day
      • Increase conversions | new opportunities
      • Encourage loyalty by rewarding attendance
      • Pick a seat, any seat
      • Fully optimised for mobile, tablet & desktop
      • Upsell merchandise during checkout
      • Ticket Delivery | Mobile | E-Ticket | Thermal
      • Flexible Discounts
      • Special Offers & Promo Codes
      • Offer tickets, season tickets, loyalty cards, group visits, private events, merchandise, vouchers & more.
      • Easily renew season packages by linking new packages with a prior season’s packages, saving patron data and seat ownership.
      • Easily import historical seat ownership information and purchase history, send out email notifications & promote packages.
      • Any season ticket or membership order can be printed on professional grade plastic cards.
      • Flowte works with all ticket printers including BOCA, Stimare etc.

      Access Control

      Access control for your venue or business

      Simple-to-use handheld & turnstile devices.

      Easily scan your ticket QR / Barcodes with app.

      Fast & affordable mobile ticket taking app.

      No more tethered scanners or docking stations

      Scan physical, digital, mobile app tickets.

      There are many advantages for your stadium in using a turnstile. These include improved security, effective integration with the Flowte access control system and increased operational flexibility.

      Flowte works with Full height static, Half height Static Turnstile or the Half height portable turnstiles. Integrates any provider (Ski Data, Hayward, Fortress etc.)

      Once integrated your turnstile readers can scan any kind of ticket from Flowte including tickets on mobile phone screens. You can also scan thermal tickets, eTickets, season / membership cards or wristbands.

      Dashboards to make data driven decisions.

      See tickets sold and scanned by entrance.

      Real time updates as fans enter your venue.

      Real-time flow rate of fans into the venue.

      Identify bottlenecks requiring remedial action.

      Scan data shown graphically by time

      Drill down analysis on all dashboards

      Ready to grow spend per customer?

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