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    • Date : 7 January, 2021

    Attracting more customers to buy your products is paramount, however, we know how daunting this can seem if you are new to sales and marketing. Flowte is here to help!

    1. BE SEEN

    Unlike other types of event ticket sales, selling tickets for sports events is primarily based on the way the fans see the team. A great season is a wonderful boost but celebrating in advance has its benefits. Make sure your club’s achievements are advertised, celebrated and capitalised upon, create fan connections and help the community get to know the team members. Engaging across different social media outlets with strategic posting is key – yet this doesn’t mean you need to be a digital marketing wizard! There are simple rules to follow to make sure you strike the perfect balance and avoid common pitfalls of posting too much or too little and Flowte are here to guide you with our advanced marketing and consultation. Most importantly, remember to stay authentic and to just have fun with it. Flowte Sport automated digital marketing is also a great way to manage your message from one location, right inside the system and schedule all your posts months in advance so you can get all your promotion for the year done in one day!


    Your name is out there, but club awareness is only the start. Transforming awareness into passion is encouraged by cultivating excitement about your upcoming sport events or the next sports season tickets you intend to roll out. You can drum up excitement by creating a sense of anticipation for the due date of the event or on sale date of the season tickets. You can start in advance of the season and the further out, the more you can build the excitement by a post every two weeks or so building up to a few a days coming close to the event. Mix this with some special offers and early bird pricing to pique people’s interest and you have yourself a promotional hurricane in the making!


    Though you can do this in advance of a big event such as mentioned in point 2, you will also see great benefits of ongoing promotions and discounts or offers during the season and individual events. How you can leverage the Flowte ticket sales system in this regard is covered in detail as we offer a huge scope of ideas for ways to incentivise your fans to buy and bring along their friends and family. One such example could be including discounted tickets after x number bought, such as a family offering where people will get a reduced cost ticket or even a free ticket so long as they are bringing more people. The ideas are endless and our data demonstrates that the long term gain of calculated discounting will create increased returns many times over.


    Build on game day spirits and make it more than just a day at the game! Creating special events based on the time of the year to make it an experience for the whole family increases attendance, spend and fan base. You may offer special day pass tickets for birthdays and special occasions where people will bring along others who may not otherwise attend. You can also create business group tickets, offering same to local businesses for their staff to come along; this could be a yearly subscription for employees or an invitation to bring along their friends such as buy one, get one free offers.


    Social media posting and the rules governing what your fans see change often, but the constant trend is away from business page posts and increasingly toward individuals’ direct friend network. This means that you may have an amazing post about your upcoming sporting event but the fan is more likely to see their mom’s video of her dog doing a handstand! This obviously isn’t ideal, so in order to combat this, you need to get your fans posting about you and leverage fan support. Creating special offers and competitions for fans sharing your content or content related to your team and events on social media will generate buzz and visibility – this has the added benefit of not only getting it seen by more users but also results in higher engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc) and therefore visibility. This approach means that content is being treated as a friend’s post and therefore people will be more engaged and are more likely to consider buying tickets or attending events as it appears as “recommended” or endorsed by a friend!


    It’s important to make the most out of your efforts by ensuring you’re maximising your existing fans. We cover this in our article 6 Ways To Increase Fan Spend, much like with point 5 the close relationships fans have can be your access to their wider network. If they advertise to their network their attendance at your events and praise the extra special time they enjoyed, you have another layer to your promotion; it becomes about more than just stalwart fans of the team, but everyone as everyone wants to have a good time! Check out the article and get started with the higher level of engagement to build on what you’ve learned here.

    We offer more ideas, tips and tricks for getting the most out of the Flowte Sport event ticket sales and advanced automated marketing system. If you want more like this, make sure you subscribe to our mailing list and stay ahead of the competition!

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