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    • Date : 1 February, 2021

    1. As the world and your business are trying to recover from the still ongoing impact of Covid-19 we have been looking at the guidelines coming out in relation to events and how they can be held going forward while maintaining social distancing. Obviously, each area will have its own requirements and guidelines and you will need to check these but here are some suggested ways to be able to set up your events to allow for these restrictions and to open up as soon as you can.


      The most straightforward way to manage distancing is where you are able to limit the distance between seats. If you are working with seated areas you can do this in a few ways within the Flowte stadium ticketing system. If you already have events in place with some seats sold or there is a potential of further changes between now and when the event is due to take place you can utilise seat holds. To do this you will need to place a hold on every second seat or possibly every second and third seat depending on the physical restrictions and layout of your area. This will allow the existing events to still be sold while maintaining the distances required and avoid confusion of seat numbers if you these are on the seats and they are set in place. If you are able to manage the layout better with the physical seats due to adjustable seating you can copy your existing map in our layouts section, then edit the map and change the seats directly on it. This will make the layout look cleaner though it will mean your seat numbers will need to be adjusted accordingly. It also means that events can only be made once this map is live and this change can not be undone for events created from it so be sure you won’t change your mind later down the line.

      For more information on how to set holds on your Flowte stadium system event, CLICK HERE


      This can be much harder to manage as you won’t be able to limit where someone will be based on the location of the seat. However, there are things you can do to make it easier for everyone there to have the space they need. You can edit existing events or create new events and set the capacity to what you can realistically fit based on the restrictions required. This will be tempting to allow more than should be done but it is best to take the time to assess how many you know your max in each area and divide by the distance required, this will give you a good idea. Remember this can be done to existing events so you can adjust it should rules change closer to the event.

      For more information on how to change the capacity for live events on your Flowte stadium system, CLICK HERE


      If you are providing protective equipment like masks, etc or want to offer them at cost, you can manage this easily in the system. Create a product for each of these including the supplies you have of each. This is important to make sure you don’t run out when you really need them. Make sure when setting them that you keep some aside for your staff and for issues such as damaged masks etc which can leave you short. It’s better to be safe than sorry in this environment. Once you do this you can also give people the option to add them to their order, this means you know you will need them and it means you know you have enough. This will also allow people to plan accordingly. Off this you can also create another email to be sent to people who bought for the event and didn’t book masks to remember to bring their own, this allows them to correct an oversight and book them then or to remember to set them aside for game day.

      For more information on how to set up products and merchandise in the Flowte stadium system, CLICK HERE


      For the sake of you, your team and your fans. Make sure to include guidelines that will be sent along with each purchase of tickets. This can be done using the templates app in Flowte to allow you to have them directly on the ticket or you can add them to the confirmation email or using the Flowte marketing automation to send anyone who buys tickets a follow-up email detailing all the things they will need to be aware of and bring with them. You can even include a form for them to acknowledge that they have read and agree to them to make sure everything is understood. On top of that, you can also send them again the day before the event to make sure they don’t forget. As it’s automated, you can set this up quickly and it will continue to work until you don’t need it anymore.

      For more information on how to set up automations and automated marketing in the Flowte stadium system, CLICK HERE


      It’s important that though people may have the rules already, they will need help to maintain them. Make sure to add points to ensure there is no confusion both for your team and for the fans. This can include:

      • Markings on the ground to indicate distance when waiting to enter the grounds
      • Add signs or tape to seats or areas that are not to be used
      • Print the “rules” you sent to fans and place them in locations that are easily seen

      There are many things that can be done depending on your requirements but the key thing is to get your fans on board, make sure they are doing this for everyone and that together we can work to make sporting events safe for everyone again. If you have any questions about anything covered in this article or any suggestions of things you found helpful which we didn’t cover, let us know!

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