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    • Date : 25 November, 2020

    When it comes to increasing the funds coming in we can often think first about new fans. We need more money = find new people = sell more tickets. This is great when you’re starting out, but what if you have hit a natural limit? Maybe you don’t have enough space for more people, maybe the local population isn’t quite as large as your dreams require. Even if you are actively working to get new fans in the door, don’t ignore the strongest asset you have, those you have already converted! You can make these changes today for your upcoming sports events and any new sports season ticket sales in the future. Sure, they are already buying tickets, but here are some tried, tested and proven ways to increase spend per customer or fan you already have but make them happier in the process! Yes, magic is real and here is how you make it happen:


    You may have different ticket types with discounts for students or children. You may even have a VIP option. However, there are ways you can sweeten the offer by allowing people buying to get access to special “discounts” only if they also buy other tickets. This can be great to encourage fans to bring along friends and family where they may not have done otherwise. Within the Flowte ticket sales system, you can create a ticket type that can only be bought if they are also buying a different ticket type. This allows you to create special discounted tickets which aren’t available unless the person online meets the requirements. So you can allow children tickets to only be bought with adult tickets for instance. This will reduce the risks of people buying tickets they shouldn’t have but also means you can promote special offers to schools and organisations that might not have been possible without a lot of oversight!


    If you’ve bought a flight in recent years you will have seen the extras that a lot of companies provide now. These are little “upgrades” to an existing order that though small can really add up. You can do this using ticket rules within the Flowte ticketing system. Some examples of the types of ticket features you can provide include:


      People with this extra can get into a quicker entrance line to get through the stadium access control gates with and start enjoying their day sooner


      If they add this to their order when they are at the event or even beyond they can get a discount on item. This may seem like a loss but when people have even a small discount the number of items they buy overall often increases which is a net gain overall.


      Maybe it’s better views or halftime chill-out area. Really the options are endless, they will be able to scan their ticket or card to validate they are able to get in


      Nothing worse than having to wait for your noms during the game and you know you’ll miss a key moment if you do! So if they preorder them they could have them delivered to their seats or waiting for them at half time. It means you will know what you need in advance and they are happier overall!

    This is just one example of important items to take into account when finding the best sports ticket sales system for your stadium or team.  We have a handy guide on this you can read here:



    If people have bought tickets already, that is great. But don’t let them look out of place by not having your team colours! You can send advance automated campaigns to people who have bought tickets for upcoming games to let them know how to get their hands on their merchandise early. You can set this up in Flowte to trigger in advance of every game in 1 minute and it will work for every game in your season automatically!


    Think about the chewing gum at the register at your local shop. The last-minute suggestion when people are already buying is one that works well. During an online ticket sale, you can suggest additional items that the purchaser might also like. These can be an upsell of an event ticket, a merchandise upsell or even a special item that is only available as a bonus sales item they won’t see otherwise. You can do this via the Flowte ticket sales upsell feature and is customisable for each event so you can get as creative as you like!


    An often underutilised idea is that of a special occasion. Every day is someone’s birthday after all! You never know what might be happening but you could give your fans a chance to be part of the event and make it a special one for someone they care about with birthday packages, shoutouts during the game or whatever you can think of to make their visit extra special. Not only that, if you include the date of birth as part of the fan information you can automatically contact them on the day with special offers or even a free ticket to an upcoming sports event one of all sports events you have this upcoming season, after all, they won’t be going by themselves!


    Another great way to increase spend by your fans is by getting them excited by the idea of a special offer, and that doesn’t always mean a discounted price! You have the ability in Flowte to create a limited offer ticket type, timed ticket type, event ticket promo code or a variety of other solutions that you can tie to any offer you wish. This could be something for the true super fans, if they can get their hands on them! You could use this along with any of the other suggestions here to not only get more from the sale but to have them feeling like they have won the lotto in the process!

    As mentioned during this, stadium access control or event ticket scanning is a great way to incentivise extra sales. When it comes to access control systems you can check out our guide here:


    These are just scratching the surface of the ways you can make the most out of your existing fan relationships and make them happy in the process. We will continue to send out more great tips and tricks to get the most out of the Flowte Sport stadium ticketing system and our automated fan marketing system. Just sign up to our newsletter to get the greatest results with little effort.

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