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    • Date : 9 January, 2020

    Two releases in one month? Why not! Let’s see what this one has in store.

    Retail & Hospitality 

    We’ve added a brand new menu called Retail & Hospitality, where you will find all the sub-menus needed for managing retail within your venues. This new menu sees areas like Location, Products, Fulfillment, Offers, Files, and a brand new area called Deal Pipeline all merged together in one convenient menu.

    Deal Pipeline

    Deal pipeline allows for you and your commercial team to track deals that are in the works, be it selling advertising billboards in the stadium or a large corporate booking for a hospitality suite with food and drinks on game day. You can now add the details of the deal, the company it relates to and the probability of the deal closing. By clicking deal details you can see the weighted forecast which is the deal value multiplied by the probability. As deals get closer to closing  you can drag and drop them from one probability to the next.


    We’re introducing yet another new menu – Ticketing, which contains all the old favourites: Events, Venues, Seasons, Renewals, Tickets as well as Access Control.

    Access Control 

    Besides moving Access Control over to the new Ticketing menu, we have given it a brand new look and feel. Now, you will find your Live Scanning Dashboard, Flowte Wallet App, Tethered and Mobile Scanning, and Exit Scan areas all in one handy place.


    With the Ticketing menu reimagined, we decided to remodel the Admin menu as well. 

    Admin now contains just that – admin. Here you will find your Settings, Profile, Help, Change Location and Logout buttons.

    SettingsUsers & Roles and Data Import 

    Settings area gets a revamp, and now contains three tabs – Settings, Users & Roles, and Data Import, with everything now in one place for when you need to make some changes under the hood.

    We hope you enjoy the update, with many more to come. Find out more here or drop us a line if you’ll have any questions or suggestions, we’re always happy to chat!

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