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    Developers & Mobile Apps

    Flowte enables smart stadiums with dedicated apps for teams and venues

    Clients & Partners

    Flowte works with hundreds of sports teams, venues and leagues

    Resilience & Security

    Is Flowte Reliable and Scalable?

    Sports teams demand resilient systems
    Flowte Sport is trusted and relied upon worldwide
    Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosts our solution
    Scalable to handle any size on-sale
    AWS complete physical and environmental security
    Fire detection and suppression
    Fully redundant uninterruptible power
    Automatic data replication at seperate data centers
    Automatic failover eliminates downtime

    Is Flowte Secure?

    PCI Level 1 Compliance
    Designed for ALL credit card processing companies
    Ensures all data is stored and processed securely
    Annually verified by an independent firm
    PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)
    The latest payment security solution
    Convert card information into indecipherable code
    Prevents hacking and fraud

    Does Flowte have EMV Integration

    EMV | Global standard for in-person card transactions
    Increases protection against fraud
    Encryption between card terminal & Flowte Sport
    Flowte Sport & Ingenico is an integrated solution.
    Flowte Sport customers can accept EMV payments
    Refund EMV payments, with or without card present

    Is Flowte GDPR compliant?

    Flowte is fully GDPR compliant
    Web-based SaaS solution which runs in the cloud.
    Our servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services
    Protected from DDoS and known IPs through Cloudflare.
    All web servers run through a NAT gateway
    Servers backed up by a VPN in a secure CIDR block.

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    Flowte works with hundreds of sports teams, venues and leagues

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