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    Do you want Flowte to invest in your business?

    We're a private equity firm that partners entrepreneurs and businesses aiming to combine sports, technology, and entertainment.

    We are self-funded entrepreneurs & business builders. We focus on the big picture. We like to work with passionate people – we invest and dedicate time in training the future leaders of our company.

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      Acquisitions in Progress

      Flowte Companies are reshaping the sports and technology industries. If you are building something exciting and need the resources to grow lets talk !


      M & A Partners

      Our team knows Sport. We understand how to build a successful company. We’ve been operating and investing in companies since 2002. We can help entrepreneurs like you!


      Sports Focus

      Flowte specialises in working with capital partners and management teams to build best-in-class, global sports, media, entertainment, marketing and technology companies.

      30M +

      30M +

      Yearly Turnover

      500M +

      500M +

      Items Sold

      30 +

      30 +


      50 +

      50 +


      Acquiring & taking software companies to the next level

      Flowte's focus is to acquire and grow vertical software businesses that provide mission-critical solutions in their respective niche or market. By taking advantage of its simple corporate setup and its unique operating platform. Flowte grows its acquisitions towards sustainable success while making customer success a top priority.

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      Flowte has partnered with the worlds leading brands and advisors

      We build platforms

      Disruption is coming. The fastest changing sports market in history is ushering in a new era for athletes, teams, and their patrons. New technologies and social dynamics are changing the way we experience sports, and creating unprecedented opportunities to innovate and shape industry growth.

      At Flowte, we believe that acquiring businesses is about more than just buying great companies. It’s about investing in people and products, and doing what it takes to help manage and grow great businesses. We achieve this vision with our ‘Software for Life’ approach to acquisitions. At Flowte, we never sell the companies we acquire, rather we ‘buy and hold’ them forever. With more than 20 years of experience and a proven track record of success, leveraging the learnings from Flowte's 10+ software and sports businesses, we know how to successfully build your company and become a leader in your market.

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      We run a decentralized model so you can continue to operate with but with the additional resources, support, best practices and security from Flowte to grow the business. Our goal is to ensure your team and clients can rest at night knowing that you have found a good long-term home for them.

      We have a strong track record of acquisitions and operations, with more than 20 years of experience, in 20 major software industry verticals with customers in 30+ countries worldwide.

      Continue to run the business-as-usual. Find a new, wider role within Flowte. Pursue a new opportunity outside of Flowte, or begin your retirement.

      Our dedicated M&A team works with you at each stage of the minimal distraction for you and your business.