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    Vélez C.F.




    Flowte, the global provider of a ticketing engagement platform for the sports, culture, and leisure industries, has become the official smart stadium technology partner of Vélez CF.

    This deal will see the Vélez CF use the cloud-based Flowte software to create and deliver a unique experience for fans. The club will benefit from a unified white-label platform to manage ticketing across multiple channels,CRM and digital marketing, gaining a much better understanding of their fans and being able to engage with them across digital and mobile touchpoints.

    “We needed to reclaim control of our ticketing system, have it work in our favour, and ultimately in our fan’s favour. By accessing and analyzing our customer data we can protect and care for that all-important relationship with our fans. Our vision to deliver leading fan engagement both physically and digitally can, and will, be achieved thanks to Flowte; they really get how important fan data is, and their system, which is much more than just a ticketing system, is a modern technology building block to take this vision of ours no the next level.”

    Vélez CF replaced their current ticketing solution with Flowte in order to:

    • Control fan data and personalise the customer journey
    • Maximise match day attendance
    • Increase volume of tickets sold online
    • Enhance the customer experience and delight fans into loyal customers
    • Increase the average basket value through bundles combining ticketing and additional services


    – Flowte is a ticketing engagement platform delivered as ‘software as a service’ (SaaS). It allows live sport professionals to leverage insights from ticketing data in order to create further up-sell opportunities and deliver a better experience at all stages of the customer journey. –

    Hugh O’Morain, CEO of Flowte, commented about this: “With an increasing demand from fans to get a more personalized and tailored experience from their clubs, organizations are left with no choice but to catch up. Flowte is here to help them, and each other, achieve a greater understanding of both their fans and their business. Using Flowte they will be able to deliver personalised offers and messages to their fans. We’re proud to be providing Vélez CF  with the appropriate tools to claim ownership of their customer data and put it to the service of the fans.”

    “Adding another Football team to our client list is such an important milestone in our long term plan to becoming the number one white label SaaS ticketing platform at a global level. We are beyond thrilled that Vélez CF has selected us as their Smart Stadium Technology Provider, and we hope our shared success will take the company and the team to the next level” said Hugh O’Morain

    About Flowte

    Flowte is a European technology provider of a Ticketing Engagement Platform that helps organisations boost ticket sales and enhance audiences’ experience before, during and after live events. Our product, Flowte Sport, is a cloud-based platform that combines ticketing and marketing functionality, and is offered as a white label SaaS service. Used by the largest sport clubs and stadiums, live entertainment businesses, and leading museums and cities across Europe, Flowte manages the yearly sales of 50 million tickets and products. Among our clients are the ATP Tour, The PGA Tour, Carlisle United FC, Communiciones FC, Newport County FC, Sothebys and more. A daughter company of the Flowte Holdings Group, Flowte has a local presence in Ireland, the UK, the USA, Spain, and Ukraine.

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