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    Aldershot Town FC

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    Flowte, the global provider of an all in one platform for any industry, has become the official smart stadium technology partner of Aldershot Town FC.

    The agreement will see the Club use Flowte to deliver an unparalleled fan experience. Aldershot Town FC will benefit from a unified white-label platform to manage not just ticketing across multiple channels but also CRM and digital marketing. As a result, the Club will gain a 360-degree understanding of their fans and be able to engage with them across digital and mobile touchpoints.

    Aldershot Town FC selected Flowte to replace their current system in order to:

    • Control fan data and personalise the customer journey
    • Maximise match day attendance
    • Increase volume of tickets sold online
    • Enhance the customer experience and delight fans into loyal customers
    • Increase the average basket value through bundles combining ticketing and additional services
    About Flowte

    Flowte is an all-in-one platform delivered as ‘software as a service’ (SaaS). Flowte manages E-commerce, Marketing, CRM & Analytics. It allows organisations to leverage insights from customer data in order to create further up-sell opportunities and deliver a better experience at all stages of the customer journey. Flowte manages the yearly sales of 50 million tickets and products and has a local presence in Ireland, the UK, the USA, Spain, Ukraine, Argentina, Morocco, Canada, Bangladesh & The Balkans.

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